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DUOFIXX distance ring

At NDI in Denmark we have developed a new product; the DUOFIXX ring. This ensures an even better fitment between the dual wheel and the mother-wheel, due to it being shaped conically.


Benefits the farmer

The DUOFIXX distance ring has more advantages besides better fitment against the mother-wheel. Demounting the DUOFIXX is a stress-free task – by using the supplied locking handle, in the designated “demounting hole”, you are able to easily loosen the dual wheel. At NDI we are continuesly developing and improving our DUOFIXX, as well as our custom made agricultural wheels. The DUOFIXX distance rings are available in more than 100 different sizes and the widths vary from 24” to 42” - in an ever-growing product line.





The DUOFIXX lock is now easier to fit, as the catch is adjusted without lifting it out of the eye. At the same time, the lock that is created is up to 30% stronger than previous locks. The DUOFIXX lock is designed for tractors with 300 hp or more. Where with others, six locks are used, with the DUOFIXX lock, it is sufficient to use just four.


Manufacturing combined in Brørup, Denmark

The DUOFIXX distance rings are always adapted to the unique rim types. At NDI we continue developing the product, as well as the tools and machinery, which are able to custom manufacture the DUOFIXX distance rings. Today we are the market leader for DUOFIXX on the agricultural market in Denmark.

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